​Lighter side: Is this the best send-off ever?

​Lighter side: Is this the best send-off ever?

​Lighter side: Is this the best send-off ever? There aren’t too many CEOs who get a global celebration on their last day, but Mark Sebba’s surprise send-off would rival a royal celebration.

Sebba stepped down after 11 years as CEO of UK clothing company Net-A-Porter and the Daily Mail reported that he was greeted by cheering employees, who danced to a parody of the Aloe Black song, The Man.

Workers held up signs saying, “Mark Sebba. You’re the man” as he walked through the office, only to be confronted by a big screen showing footage of his employees in Manhattan, New Jersey, Hong Kong and Shanghai dancing and waving.

Costumed dancers showed Sebba to his desk while a group of men played the drums and he was presented with a cup of coffee and a microphone, the Mail reported.

His reaction?

“Thank you everybody. I’m a bit overwhelmed. But I feel like getting back to work.”

Check out the amazing send-off video below and tell us what you think. Would you give your boss a farewell like this?

  • Christina 2014-08-01 12:09:38 PM
    I smiled through the whole video. What a heartwarming thing to witness. He has obviously made an impact on his organization. I'd like to learn about his management style; perhaps we can learn a thing or two!
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