Lighter side: A toast to quirky resumes

Lighter side: A toast to quirky resumes

Lighter side: A toast to quirky resumes Want to make sure a potential employer remembers your CV? Why not attach that resume to boxes of beer?

That’s what Canadian jobseeker Brennan Gleason did. The graphic designer used his love of home brew to create “Resum-Ale” – bottles of homemade beer with his CV printed on the packaging and pieces of work from his portfolio printed on the bottle labels.

“I’ve always been inspired by those unconventional CVs and recently got into home brewing,” Gleason said. “So I thought why not put the two together?”

His unusual resume resulted in immediate job offers and he now works for a digital marketing agency. Gleason isn’t the only candidate with a creative self-marketing strategy – Australians Andrew Grinter and Lee Spencer-Michaelsen were looking for advertising agency jobs when they came up with an idea called The Creative Ransom.

They registered the .com domain names of the top agency bosses and sent them “ransom” notes which directed them to the pages.
The employers could either set up a meeting with the two men, or their sites were redirected to a Justin Bieber page.

According to their Creative Ransom video, they wore balaclavas to their meetings in a tongue-in-cheek effort to protect their identities, “in case it was a set-up”.

They met with seven creative directors, “freaked out nine receptionists” and landed jobs.

Copywriter Jon Ryder wanted to help take the pain out of hiring by having designer Cai Griffith create a fake medication resume for him, according to Creative Bloq.

The box of fake pills contained a leaflet saying that the fake pills could be used for the “short-term treatment of acute, moderate creative pain”.

What’s the most creative resume you’ve ever been sent?