Are these the ultimate onboarding sins?

Are these the ultimate onboarding sins?

Are these the ultimate onboarding sins? When it comes to welcoming a new hire, HR leaders should have the process down to an art. It’s a nerve wracking time for both the employer and the new employee – each waiting to see whether the other will be everything they’ve expected.

And, despite HRDs being well-versed in the nuances of onboarding, there are still several pitfalls that even the most experienced HR manager will forget. Speaking to Jane Watson, Head of People at, she explained the hidden dangers you need to keep an eye on.

“HR needs to avoid focusing only on a standardized process that prioritizes our own checklist of paperwork and training, and also consider the experience from an employee’s viewpoint,” she told us. “There will absolutely be administrative tasks that need to be completed, but these should be balanced with helping a new hire understand their role and its context in the organization, making connections with colleagues, and getting to experience the ‘best of the organization’ so they know they made the right choice in accepting the position.”

Building on that, a survey from OC Tanner reported that 69% of new hires are more likely to stay with an organization for three years if they experienced a positive onboarding experience.

“A poorly executed onboarding experience can create a huge amount of dissonance for a new hire,” added Watson. “Employees may never be as engaged and enthusiastic as they are in their initial days and weeks on the job; if the reality they are confronted with during onboarding falls short of what they were led to expect during the hiring process, you’ve already quashed that engagement and lost their trust.

“Retention, productivity, and commitment are put at risk. And you may as well not bother with the effort you’re putting into your employer brand - what’s the point if you don’t live up to it?”

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