L&D: are you leaving executives out?

L&D: are you leaving executives out?

L&D: are you leaving executives out?

3. Mentoring

“Connect senior leaders with other experienced people who are either more advanced in their careers or able to offer specialist expertise,” Gately suggested.

“For a successful mentoring relationship to form, mutual trust and respect is essential. The ideal mentor is someone able, through inspiration and suggestion, to influence the thoughts, feelings, actions and ultimately the success of each executive.”

4. Build diverse careers

Gately noted that “experience is the greatest teacher of all”.
“No matter how well constructed and delivered, no academic program can compete with the learning that comes from assuming a ‘hands-on’ role,” she said.

“Provide leaders with the opportunity to broaden or change their portfolio of responsibilities.

“Develop the future CEO from among your ranks by growing not only the depth but also the breadth of your leadership team’s talents and experience.”

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