“It’s an employee’s world, not an employer’s world.”

“It’s an employee’s world, not an employer’s world.”

“It’s an employee’s world, not an employer’s world.” A Canadian retailer who publicly complained about poor work ethic and a lack of governmental support says she’s now been inundated with job applications.

Labrador-based Glenda Thistle spoke to CBC News about the constant struggle she faces in staffing her three convenience stores which are spread across Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

Thistle told the news outlet that, on any given day, up to 50 per cent of her 11-person workforce would call in sick or simply fail to show up.

"It shows you the lack of work ethic people have," she said on Wednesday. “They don't text, they don't call. There is no ethic, whatsoever.”

Thistle even revealed some of the absurd excuses people had given, including “My mom is cooking,” “The hockey game is on,” and “I don’t want to get in my cold car.”

Recruiting was also a nightmare, with locally-raised Thistle attempting online, print and even on-the-spot efforts.

"I've asked people to come in off the street because I was lacking resumes," she said. "I would ask them if they wanted a job ... and the response was; 'No, I'm on EI. I'm good.' And these are not seasonal workers,” she revealed.

She also recounted occasions when she had attempted to close one store and move employees around to be able to fully staff the remaining two stores but workers had refused, even after Thistle promised to provide transport.

“I don't think that's something, as an employer, we should have to do," she said, adding that “"It's an employee's world, not an employer's world.”

Thistle said the problems only started when she could no longer employ temporary foreign workers – employees she described as “amazing” – and added that she hopes to see more support from the government in the area.

Despite her unreliable workforce and run of bad luck, Thistle insisted she still had faith in her community.
“I'm sure there are people out there who are willing to work,” she said. “I don't want to class them all into the same terrible group."

Now, it seems her complaint and last-ditch recruitment attempt has worked – the desperate employer revealed that she had since been inundated with calls and job applications.

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  • Sophia 2016-04-04 10:41:13 AM
    We should bring in Workfare vs Welfare. This is disgusting and why our taxes are so high!!!
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  • Marie jobs 2016-04-06 1:32:51 AM
    Welfare is a vanishing term in current scenario. i agree with sophia. No all the employers are so
    concerned about the employees these days. http://www.hrcube.com
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