Inside an epic recruitment drive

Inside an epic recruitment drive

Inside an epic recruitment drive Attendees at both fairs were welcomed by greeters and an impressive spread of food – while interviews took place, other hopefuls could hear about the company’s culture and find out what they could expect from the organization.

With less experienced candidates showing up in round two, execs even parked de-icing trucks – which can reach up to 15 metres – in the parking lot.

“Some candidates might not have known what they were getting themselves in for,” joked Wilkinson. “If you don’t like heights, you’re definitely not going to want the job.”

The GTAA also held meet and greet sessions for the new hires on various start dates with both management and HR representatives in attendance.

“This was very well received,” revealed Wilkinson. “The new employees felt part of the team on day one.”

Overcoming obstacles

The epic recruitment push could have been easily hampered by one – or several – of the many obstacles in the GTAA’s way.

“Aside from tight time frames there were lots of logistics in planning the job fair and coordinating all the various activities from the initial application to the acceptance of the offer,” says Wilkinson – and that goes without mentioning all the other dependencies such as coordinating pre-employment medicals, uniform measuring and security passes.

Advice to others

While the situation might seem fairly unique, employers may find themselves in a position where they have to recruit quickly and on a big scale – so what advice would Wilkinson offer?

“Having a detailed project plan and learn as you go along,” she stresses. “We applied the things that worked really well in the first job fair to make sure the second one was even better.”

Wilkinson also puts the recruitment push’s success down to impeccable teamwork.

“A great team of people from various departments worked together to make this recruitment initiative a great success,” she said. “So teamwork, dedication, a never-say-no-attitude and a goal oriented mind-set was constantly present and not taken for granted.”

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