Inside an epic recruitment drive

Inside an epic recruitment drive

Inside an epic recruitment drive Recruiting one on-point employee is hard enough but hiring 168 to perform an essential service is an entirely different task – here, GTAA’s HR leader explains exactly how the organization managed it.

De-icing services 

Previously contracted out by the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, de-icing services form what HR leader Anne Wilkinson calls “a critical component of core winter operations.”

“The service has a huge impact on passenger experience and satisfaction so it has to be done well,” stresses senior business partner Wilkinson, “safety and efficiently.”

But in early 2015, a series of challenges with the external service provider pushed the GTAA to make a major change – it would no longer contract the responsibility out.

“With this decision made, many things had to move quickly in order for deicing services to be up and running before the winter,” reveals Wilkinson.

First round

“Planning for recruitment began in April for a job fair to take place in May,” reveals Wilkinson. “The first round of recruitment was targeted to employees with multiple seasons of experiences with a large scope operation including those of the former service provider applicants who were invited to attend interviews.”

Candidates were interviewed by a panel of two interviews – one from the business and operations side and another from the HR function.

Following up

A second job fair was held in July, where bosses interviewed hundreds of candidates over three days to fill additional seasonal de-icing specialist spots.

“In total, the GTAA has recruited for and will hire 168 employees to fill these de-icing roles,” confirmed Wilkinson.

An ice touch

Despite the sheer scale of the operation and the slim time frame, bosses never lost sight of giving candidates a positive interview experience too. (Continued...)

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