HR “turning point” as CCHRA rebrands

HR “turning point” as CCHRA rebrands

HR “turning point” as CCHRA rebrands The Canadian Council of Human Resource Associations (CCHRA) announced a new name and design yesterday, insisting the move marks an important turning point for the profession.

CCHRA and the eight provincial associations that make up the national body will now align under the name and designation CPHR – Chartered Professionals in Human Resources.

“This change further unites and strengthens the organization on behalf of our members,” said Shannon Railton, chair of CCHRA. “Our strong, single CPHR designation showcases the unique experience and expertise CPHRs bring to the workplace.”

The eight provincial associations in CPHR Canada opted to maintain one designation - Chartered Professional in Human Resources - as their standard of quality, consistent with many other professions and other HR designations around the world.

“We would have proceeded with aligning our Associations nationally under the previous CHRP banner however, the Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA) of Ontario opted to create a three-tiered designation for their Province and defined CHRP, which was shared across the country, as their entry level designation,” explained Railton.

“So the rest of Canada was required to either accept the tiered model, or make this change. We collectively determined that it was in our members’ best interests to proceed with one designation,” she revealed.

The new CPHR brand and certificates for designated professionals are expected to be rolled out across the eight participating provincial associations in the coming months.

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  • Wendy MacIntyre 2016-10-13 9:45:56 AM
    It will be interesting to see if the new designation leads to it becoming a regulated profession as it is in Ontario.
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  • Annoyed 2016-10-15 2:25:43 PM
    The entire HR profession in Canada looks like a joke. Ontario being the worst.
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  • HR Guy 2016-12-12 10:10:12 PM
    HRPA aint nothing but a bully! This my way or the highway attitude and overstepping provincial jurisdictions by them is only going to do more harm to them in the long-run.
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