HR Tech Summit 2018: Why you need to attend

HR Tech Summit 2018: Why you need to attend

HR Tech Summit 2018: Why you need to attend

As we move into an increasingly automated world, the importance of technology in the HR function is growing.

Archaic paper-based systems have been replaced with real-time reviews, timesheets are now workplace apps and Big Data is set to revolutionise how we engage with colleagues and clients alike. 

Move over Silicon Valley - at the forefront of this booming tech-takeover is Canada.

In 2017, Forbes rated Toronto as the second-best location in the world to launch a tech start-up, with Amazon short-listing the city as a potential location for their new HQ. What’s more, the Government recently announced a $700-million investment, aimed at growing the Canadian clean tech sector, protect the environment and create jobs. 

As one of the fastest growing tech hubs in North America, the digital evolution building in Toronto has begun making waves in the HR world.

It follows, then, that Toronto should play host to Key Media’s second annual HR Tech Summit, on June 26th and 27th. With last year’s event hosting over 500 HR leaders and tech professionals, this year’s offering is set to be even bigger.

With a myriad of sessions debating everything from upcoming HR tech trends to using analytics to drive business decisions, there’ll also be engaging workshops on Big Data, best practice and disruptive benefits.

Once you’ve attended your fill of thought-provoking speaker sessions, why not take advantage of our renowned Tech Talk Stage, where ‘soon-to-be-announced’ HR giants will talk you through the emerging hub of people management technologies on offer.

Click here to learn more about HR Tech Summit 2018 – including event info and partner listings.

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