HR career a hidden gem

HR career a hidden gem

HR career a hidden gem HR managers are enjoying one of the most underrated jobs in Canada – that’s the claim from one recent study which says industry professionals can look forward to positive growth, a competitive salary and the chance to truly make a difference.

Ranked number 12 in CareerCast’s Most Underrated Jobs of 2016 feature, the role of HR manager is flanked by equally appealing professions such as diagnostic medical sonographer in 5th place, computer systems analyst in 8th place and dietician in 15th place.

According to the study, HR managers can expect an annual median salary of $104,440 with a promising growth outlook of nine per cent.

Interestingly, the career outshone other professions that are typically considered more glamourous including broadcaster which came in at 198th place, photographer at 162nd place and event coordinator at 158th place,

The role of HR manager was also deemed more appealing than the role of CEO, which came in 132nd place.

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