HR and social technology: A perfect match?

HR and social technology: A perfect match?

HR and social technology: A perfect match?

Social software is all the rage these days. In a world where social connectivity is viewed as a key point of interaction, workplaces across North America have benefited from this software.

Many common workplace divisions, such as IT, have realized the power of social software, and have embraced it. Some people even claim to be early adopters of new social technologies, which has made the implementation process a relatively seamless one for business managers.

“HR departments have to deal with a number of challenges,” explains Stefan Pfeiffer, Marketing Lead for Social Business at IBM Europe. “On the one hand, they have the Facebook generation employees who automatically bring their social web behavior and work styles with them to the company.”

But one area that seems to have been left off of the list is human resources, despite the fact that social media platforms and associated software is relevant to its daily functions.

As an increasing amount of companies continue to experience high employee turnover rates, Pfeiffer notes that older employees, aged between 40 and 55, tend to be less interested in using social media, although some have adopted it. This has become an issue, as workplaces often rely on their veteran employees for their knowledge and experience.

“The first camp wants and demands social software on the job, and is used to transparent sharing,” Pfeiffer says of the division between users and non-users. “The second often refuses to use the social web, even outside of work, and has always relied on e-mail to meet its needs.” (continued.)

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