How to win the recruitment race

How to win the recruitment race

How to win the recruitment race

Top grading

While top-grading is a favourite recruitment process in some industries, it’s fairly unheard of in others but HR manager Quinn says it’s essential to getting the best out of potential new employees.

During the process, candidates are invited to discuss their entire career history, from high school and post-secondary up to the present day. The practice is designed to identify an applicant’s professional motivators and frustrations as well as their preferred working environment and how they like to be managed – but the practice can be lengthy and just one session can take up to eight hours.

"Our most recent topgrade lasted from 8am to 4pm,” revealed Quinn, “so it’s a big investment on our part in terms of recruitment and hiring but really the rewards are immeasurable. You’re bringing on board people who can really understand their performance and you know what gives them energy and what is frustrating to them.”

The process might seem a little intimidating to candidates but Quinn herself was subjected to the entire treatment – including top-grading.

“I loved it!” she told HRM.  “I felt like it was a good fit for who I am – I was just being very honest about myself and it worked with what the company needed at the time.”

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