How to win the recruitment race

How to win the recruitment race

How to win the recruitment race When an organization is incredibly fast growing, keeping up with recruitment demands can be an arduous task but HR manager Kelly Quinn says there is a way to do it without compromising on quality.

Quinn heads up the HR department at Nurse Next Door, a home-care service provider that’s been repeatedly recognized as one of the best employers in the country, and she’s had her fair share of recruitment challenges over the past 18 months.

Since September of 2013, the workforce based at Nurse Next Door’s headquarters – affectionately referred to as the HeartQuarters – has doubled in size, growing from 50 employees to 100.

“Bringing on board enough team members is definitely our biggest challenge,” Quinn told HRM. “You don’t just want to bring on anyone – you need to make sure they’re aligned with the culture so that the company can thrive.”

Big rewards

Despite the high demand for new employees, the HR department at Nurse Next Door carry out a thorough recruitment process aimed to attract and identify the ideal candidates.

“At the beginning of that process we have a great referral system,” explains Quinn. “Anyone from our call centre can refer someone they think would be great fit – once that person completes six months with us then the existing team member receives $750 cash.”

Of course Quinn concedes there’s a risk that employees will refer anyone and everyone in the hope of receiving $750 but she says the six-month clause is an effective safety net should they make it through the particularly thorough vetting process.

Team players

Every potential employee – from call centres staff to the new CFO – has to participate in a group interview to begin with, reveals Quinn.

“It’s the perfect opportunity to find out about a person’s core values,” she explains. “We can determine if they’re actually a culture fit before we get into the technical know-how.”

According to Quinn, applicants who refuse to go through the group interview aren't right for the company because they don't align with an important company core value; "find a better way."  

Once an applicant has made it through the group interview, they participate in a more traditional interview – but that isn’t the final step. (continued...)

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