Hilton’s HR on how to keep your millennials happy

Hilton’s HR on how to keep your millennials happy

Hilton’s HR on how to keep your millennials happy Hilton Worldwide was recently recognized as a top workplace for millennials so – in a time when employers are scrambling to retain their promising young talent – how does the hospitality giant stay on top?

“We’ve done significant research to ensure we are giving millennials what they are looking for when they join Hilton,” says Laura Fuentes, SVP of talent, rewards and people analytics.

“We’ve found that millennials, overall, are more vocal in expressing their wants and needs—because of this, they tend to become champions and advocates for these issues,” she told HRM.

“For example, millennials often voice their passion about hospitality; they want to be involved with meaningful, related opportunities; and they have a thirst for innovation in everything they do.”

According to Fuentes, millennials are looking for key three things from their employer – great environments, great careers and great rewards.

“To ensure we’re delivering in these areas, we regularly ask our team members for feedback, including through our annual Global Team Member Survey,” reveals Fuentes, who says the feedback has prompted a number of initiatives including a travel program, enhances parental leave packages, and a GED assistance program.

“To attract and retain the best talent, employees need to feel individually valued and recognized, and it’s important to provide benefits in areas that matter most to them,” she advised.

“As with all generations, it is important to communicate with employees on the channels they feel comfortable using,” she continued. “Technology is a given when engaging with millennials.”

Social media, says Fuentes, is also a key element in the recruitment of promising young talent.

“[It’s] a great way to authentically showcase your company’s culture,” she stressed. “It’s important to empower your employees to tell their stories and show others what it’s like to work for the company. Millennials trust and rely on their peers’ perspectives more than other age groups overall.”

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