High-flying HR man’s $20m paypacket

High-flying HR man’s $20m paypacket

High-flying HR man’s $20m paypacket

With Daniel E. Walker, chief talent officer at J.C Penney Co. Inc., resigning in April of this year, it’s timely to look at what Walker and other HR highflyers earn.

In 2012, Walker’s salary was US$145,833, with a bonus of US$8m. Factoring in stock awards and other benefits, his total hit US$20,201,219, US-based HRE Online reported.

Walker didn’t get such a pay-check from sitting around – he held management responsibilities for a total of 159,000 employees in the embattled retail sector. Regardless, Walker’s pay-check sits at more than US$15m above than the next highest-ranking HR professional (see below).

Walker has worked for a number of other organisations, including Think Passenger, Inc. He also lectures in universities across the US and Europe.

How do some of the other high-rollers break down? Based on HRE’s report, some of the world’s HR heavyweights (after Walker) are*:

  • Benito Cachinero-Sanchez, snr VP, HR at DuPont – $5,068,383
  • Martha A. Burger, snr VP, human and corporate resources at Chesapeak Energy Corp. – $4,824,165
  • Lawrence J. Pope, executive VP, administrator & chief HR officer at Halilburton – $4,687,979
  • Gregory J. Besio, executive VP & chief HR officer at Aon – $3,777,065
  • Anthony G. Ambrosio, executive VP Hr & administrator at CBS Corp. – $3,652,333
  • John M. Murabito, executive VP, HR & services at Cigna – $3,419,620
  • Melvin L. Stephens, snr VP, communications, HR & investor relations at Lear Corp.  $3,177,613
  • Joseph B. Ruocco, snr VP, HR at The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. – $3,173,575
  • David K. Kenhardt, executive VP, store operations HR & information systems at PetSmart Inc. – $3,090,005

*All figures in USD.