Gen Y to the haters: We don’t like you either

Gen Y to the haters: We don’t like you either

Gen Y to the haters:  We don’t like you either

Generation Y make up a third of the workplace, and they are the most maligned demographic – but the generation conflict isn’t one-directional.

The baby boomers and Gen Xers who make up the bulk of managers in Canada’s organizations might be scratching their heads at their Millennial charges, but the confusion and disconnect is a two-way street.

According to a recent survey of all three generations in the workplace from American Express and Millennial Branding, misunderstandings, dislikes and conflict abound in an uncomfortable office three-way.

Some of the findings have shown:
•    Gen-Y found Gen-X “annoying and aggressive.”
•    Gen-X said Boomers are “have difficulty giving up control,” while Gen-Y said Boomers “live to work rather than work to live.”
•    Boomers described Gen-X as “loners” who “lack patience.”
•    Gen-X contended Gen-Y “think they know everything.”

So, how can you overcome these conflicts?

  • leon 2013-10-29 11:33:16 AM
    steriotype much...
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  • Chris 2013-10-30 8:43:12 AM
    Respect and appreciate diversity.

    I don't even use this language (Baby Boomer, Gen X, Gen Y) with my team (although I do occasionally tease others about "being young" because I'm coming to the end of my 50's). Understanding what makes us different is important but even more powerful is understanding what makes us alike. Common vision and goals and appreciating that every individual has a different set of talents and gifts make the work environment more pleasant and more productive.
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