Fired for wrestling shark – while on sick leave

Fired for wrestling shark – while on sick leave

Fired for wrestling shark – while on sick leave

A British man who has been hailed as a hero after he wrestled a shark away from attacking kids on an Australian beach has been sacked.

This was because Paul Marshallsea, 62, was actually on sick leave from his job in Great Britain when his act of bravery took place.

Marshallsea and his wife work for a children’s charity in Wales, but took a two-month break from their jobs, claiming work-related stress.

However, when his employers saw the video of him shark wrestling, they felt that the couple had been dishonest and fired them, according to a report by The Telegraph.

“Whilst unfit to work you were well enough to travel to Australia and, according to recent news footage of yourself in Queensland, you allegedly grabbed a shark by the tail and narrowly missed being bitten by quickly jumping out of the way," read the letter addressed to them.

"The breakdown of the trustees' confidence and trust in you and your ability to perform the role is so great that we find that dismissal is the only course of action we can recommend," it continued.

Marshallsea argued that the couple had gone on holiday at the advice of a doctor, who said that a vacation might help relieve stress.

He added that he and his wife were working seven days a week, and severely “burned out” from the stress.

"You think being in charge and running a children's charity, they would have patted me on the back and congratulated me. But to sack us both without any sort of discussions first is just disgusting," he was quoted as saying.


  • Manuel deSousa 2013-03-15 7:48:04 AM
    Gee, if running a children's charity was so stressful that he missed 2 months of work, I wonder how much the stress of being near a shark (let alone battling it) will/would set him back.

    Conversely, I'd think lifeguards or people who are stressed from dealing with sharks and life & death situations may be prescribed work like running a children's charity for convalescence.
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