Fewer charges for CBC's most infamous employee

Fewer charges for CBC's most infamous employee

Fewer charges for CBC Two of the seven sexual assault charges against disgraced former radio personality Jian Ghomeshi have been dropped.

According to the CBC – Ghomeshi’s former employer – the Crown withdrew two charges due to doubts about a conviction based on the available evidence.

It is unclear whether the two dropped cases are related to Ghomeshi’s workplace allegations.

The Crown did clarify that the charges weren’t dropped due to issues with witness credibility, according to the CBC.

Ghomeshi still faces five charges, which include four counts of sexual assault and one count of overcoming resistance by choking.

This is the latest, since mid-April, when CBC fired two executives after an independent report found they had mishandled workplace allegations made against Ghomeshi.
  • Tom from Burnaby BC 2015-05-12 3:10:52 PM
    Jian Ghomeshi is a scape goat to harm CBC existance in Canada.

    The elite have his license plate number for now!

    Most of the people he was involved with had kinky pasts prior to their 15 minutes of fame.

    To say he is disgraced is like saying he is guilty.

    Lets the courts decide outcomes

    If I were Jian I would get involved in politics asap and watch it all go away real quick.
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