Feds push for “proactive approach” to pay equity

Feds push for “proactive approach” to pay equity

Feds push for “proactive approach” to pay equity A newly released memo prepared for Labour Minister MaryAnn Mihychuk says taking a proactive approach to pay equity is thought to be more effective at dealing with systemic wage discrimination between men and women.

The memo on pay equity says it is less adversarial than relying on individual employees to file a complaint if they feel they are being paid unfairly.

But the February memo also says a proactive approach can only bring about minor change unless compliance levels are high.
The Liberal government has said it would like to take a new direction on ensuring men and women get equal pay for work of equal value.

A special committee recommended drafting proactive legislation on pay equity within the next 18 months.

It also urged the government to repeal controversial pay equity legislation the Conservatives brought in for federal public servants.
  • The Canadian Press
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