Exclusive: Candid chats with HR at America's healthiest workplaces

Exclusive: Candid chats with HR at America's healthiest workplaces

Exclusive: Candid chats with HR at America
How does the size of your organization affect the way you do HR?
TC: We have right under 50 full-timers. It fluctuates throughout the year, so we get up to about 200 in the high season. We do have a huge seasonal intake so it’s very important when we hire, and primarily those people we’re hiring are college and high school kids. And even though they’re part-time, they’re at very, very low turnover. There are comprehensive training programs that all these (part-time) servers and event supervisors go through, so they can understand how they’re truly a part of the organization.

SL: We’re growing at a rapid rate and I think HR has had to respond to that in terms of, you know, really building relationships with the managers, because when I say we know the employees, a lot of the times it’s not we, HR, it’s we, the managers. And we really have to rely on their knowledge of the work environment and employees and how people really do work in their areas.

CAB: We have 120 employees. Our size allows us to have more flexibility, be more creative, be more innovative. Every year we look for what can we do to take things to the next level, so being small allows us to be a bit more flexible.

What’s something you’ve planned going forward?
TC: We’ve started bringing in outside organizations that we admire. We had Zingerman’s brought in to talk to the majority of our full-timers; they have a best practice about visioning in your professional and personal life. So I think it’s that continuing education piece that we’re really going to look into expanding upon and that’s what matters. The more they know, the better service they offer, the more the organization grows.

SL: We’re stepping back again and looking at employee engagement and making sure that we’re able to communicate in effective ways all the things that are being done here.

CAB: One thing that we just started doing and that we look to expand moving forward is a program called CAB healthy meals to go. We have several kitchens in our building so we are preparing healthy CAB meals so beef is the primary ingredient. Prices are super reasonable – most are coming to about $3 per serving, so you can take home a dinner for four for $12 including an entrée, a salad and a dessert. It’s about reducing stress, supporting employees with life balance, and what an amazing opportunity we have to make sure employees eat healthfully, and they get to take it home, so the family eats healthy as well. Right now we’re doing one meal every other week and in April we’ll be doing two meals a week.

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