Exclusive: Candid chats with HR at America's healthiest workplaces

Exclusive: Candid chats with HR at America's healthiest workplaces

Exclusive: Candid chats with HR at America
CAB: We do a number of things, but one we implemented last year for the first time. We did a program that was outcome-focused: a preventive screening with their physician. The drive was to get people to go to their family physician to get their preventive screening which would measure those verified predictors of health risk. So it was required for all staff on our health plan, and we have had some amazing success stories. We had several employees who had not been to a physician in a number of years, and one in particular has been very open in sharing how at his examination they discovered a tumor in his kidney. That person is part of our executive team and is a great example of how we know that our program makes a difference. When he tells that story, he says ‘I don’t know what would have happened had I not had that screening’. If anybody grumbled about having to go to the doctor, they’re not grumbling now.

What does your company do that nobody else does?
TC: In our common areas and weekly there’s a huddle and that’s a half-hour long, and everyone from every department reports certain numbers of forecasting based on sales. All those lines on a P&L statement are listed on a whiteboard and every week they’re talked about and it’s not the CFO that’s responsible for it. If they go over whatever number they’ve budgeted, they’d better have a good reason why they’re overspending. Everyone understands where the money’s coming from and where it’s going.

SL: I would be surprised if companies are as active in managing workers’ comp claims once they occur as we are. A lot of people, once a workers’ comp is filed, they just turn it over to their carrier. We had to work very very hard with our workers’ comp carrier in the beginning to get them to let us be involved. They don’t settle any claims without talking to us.

CAB: We actually have a psychologist who comes on-site and is available for employees to visit. She also does on-site guided imagery for us, which is basically meditative therapy. We have not heard of anyone else that has an on-site shrink. We love to call her that, because we were trying to remove the stigma of visiting a psychologist. Everything is confidential. We’ve made it OK to talk about life stress and the challenges that everybody faces today.

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