“Don’t care what’s on your head”: hospital targets Quebec workers

“Don’t care what’s on your head”: hospital targets Quebec workers

“Don’t care what’s on your head”: hospital targets Quebec workers

As Quebec debates the Values Charter one Ontario healthcare provider is hoping some healthcare professionals might be ready to move to a more accepting environment.

Durham-based Lakeridge Health has released an ad showing a woman wearing a head-covering hijab with the slogan “We don’t care what’s on your head. We care what’s in it.”

“We see this as an opportunity to create some awareness of a good healthcare system in Durham Region and it might provide some people with a new opportunity,” Lakeridge president and CEO Kevin Empey said. “We wanted to create an intrigue. What is Lakeridge Health?

The organization's timely ad was inspired by their constant need to attract new staff, and by the on-going nationwide debate around Quebec’s Value Charter, VP of HR and hospitality services Darrell Sewell told HRM. The hospital hoped individuals who were looking for a place in a growing community and large healthcare organization would be attracted to Lakeridge.

“We’re a great viable option for them if they’re ready for a move,” Sewell said. “Anybody, whether or not you’re wearing what Quebec may not find appropriate, we want people to know about Lakeridge Health.”

Sewell said many people were not aware of Lakeridge, so the executive team hoped to raise awareness and improve employer branding. The ads will run in the student publication at McGill University, but a spot on Canada AM meant it would be viewed beyond just its print run.

As the Durham region grew both community and workforce became more diverse, and the organization was finding ways to celebrate that diversity, including holding events where employees could experience diverse food and dress.

“It’s a catchy phrase, but it’s true,” Sewell said. “We’re looking for the best and brightest in healthcare. We’re interested in students looking for that first job or individuals who are seasoned in their profession and may have an interest in coming to Lakeridge.”


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  • Andrew 2013-09-12 12:59:00 PM
    Good job, Lakeridge Health! This is an excellent ad campaign. Hope it will deliver high quality results.
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  • Stephanie 2013-09-12 2:07:01 PM
    Inspired ... & inspiring, Lakeridge. Nice job.
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  • Asha 2013-09-16 10:53:59 AM
    Truly reflects the diversity in Ontario and should be Canada as a whole ! Great job Lakeridge !
    Hopefully Quebec never experiences a need in a time of disaster because what they are showing is definately not diversity ! It works both ways !
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