The business case for investing in equality

The business case for investing in equality

The business case for investing in equality Gender equality has been at the forefront of Canada’s HR agenda for the past few years.

While significant progress has been made, research from the McKinsey Global Institute has found that Canada is still suffering from a “substantial gender gap”.

According to data from Canada’s national statistics agency, female employees earn on average $0.74 for every $1 their male counterparts pocket.

The overriding issue of gender equality and inclusion is one which Dr Raeleen Manjak, director of human resources with the City of Vernon, discussed with HRD.

Manjak spoke about why HR needs to take gender equality more seriously, and held dire warnings for firms who opted against.

 “Not only is gender equality important for a workplace because it is the right thing to do, but more importantly because it is linked to organizational performance and the enhanced ability to attract talent and retain employees.

“Every employee significantly impacts the organization and through this lens of diversity and inclusion, varied viewpoints create strength, collaborative work environments, and a stimulating, innovative, and creative environment.”

When you’re faced with the choice between standing aside or taking a proactive approach, you can theorise that by doing nothing you gain nothing in return. A truly diverse workforce needs employees of all race, age, sexuality and gender in order to pull upon each individual’s strengths.

“At the City of Vernon, we just completed a round of diversity, inclusion, and trans-inclusion learning and development sessions,” added Manjak.

The modern HR leader shouldn’t expect employees to be one version of themselves at home, and another in the workplace – but rather try to enhance productivity by marrying the two.

As Manjak concluded: “Understanding that diversity exists everywhere and not just in the workplace will assist individuals at work, in the community, and at home.”

Dr Manjak will be speaking at HRD Canada’s Diversity & inclusion Masterclass, March 8, 2018. For more information on our speaker line up and agenda, click here.

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