C-Suite talks HR: Peter Fasolo, CHRO at Johnson & Johnson

C-Suite talks HR: Peter Fasolo, CHRO at Johnson & Johnson

C-Suite talks HR: Peter Fasolo, CHRO at Johnson & Johnson As one of 2017’s most admired companies, Johnson & Johnson made a name for itself in traversing innovative and forward-thinking fields of research.

At the helm of their value-led people initiative sits Peter Fasolo, chief human resources officer for the healthcare brand.
Having earned a doctorate in organizational behaviour studies from the university of Delaware, Fasolo knows a thing or two about inspiring through leadership.

Speaking to HRD Canada, we asked Fasolo how J&J’s recent award-winning streak impacted their people strategy. 

“J&J is a company guided by Our Credo,” he explained, “whose employees are the heart, mind and soul of the Company. It’s key to note that we are committed to helping employees, families and communities live well across their whole lives – spiritual, mental, physical and financial – enabling an engaged, purpose-driven workforce that improves health for all humanity.”

Boasting an impressive benefits program, including a competitive $401k and inclusive parental leave schemes, J&J doesn’t just cut corners when it comes to employee satisfaction.

“One of the things that makes us different here at J&J is that we are firmly committed to living Our Credo at the root of our company culture,” continued Fasolo. “A key tenet of this is to respect the dignity of our employees; foster a workplace culture of health, diversity and inclusion; and provide equal opportunities for everyone.

“This best positions our people to truly come together to solve the world’s most pressing health challenges – for the 21st Century and beyond.”

In J&J’s industry, looking to the future becomes second nature. There are few sectors that undergo as much change as pharma, and as such Fasolo is quick to point out the brand’s worldwide Citizen & Sustainability Report – which aims to make J&J the healthiest workplace by 2020.

“As part of our HealthForce2020 goals, we will continue to strive to train 100,000 of our employees in Energy for Performance by 2020,” added Fasolo. “Close to 60,000 employees have participated in the program.”

The initiative includes a staff training program, developed by the J&J Human Performance Institute’s leveraging principles. In it, employees enjoy a multidimensional approach to wellbeing; one which emphasises spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health.

As Fasolo reminds us, employee wellbeing is about more than just exercise and morale boosts – it’s an international hive of like-minded workers – dedicated to making the world a better place.

 “Our belief is that if we do the right thing for our patients and our nurses and doctors, and if we do well by our employees and give back to our communities, our shareholders will have a fair return.”

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