Disability discrimination alive and well

Disability discrimination alive and well

Disability discrimination alive and well Disability discrimination is alive and well – that’s the worrying claim from one disappointed jobseeker who says over 400 of his job applications went unanswered, until he removed details about his genetic disorder.

Daryl Jones, who suffers from Marfan Syndrome, said he secured 12 interviews as soon as he concealed his disability – despite having to omit impressive achievements such being the disability advocate for the National Union of Students and as founding the Disability Sports Humber charity.

Even after 12 interviews, Jones is yet to secure a job. He says employers claim he doesn’t have enough experience or was not the most suited applicant for the position.

"I have a degree and when I've spoken to people they've said I have loads of qualifications and plenty of experience and can't understand why I can't get a job,” Jones told the Mirror.

The 27-year-old even says an able-bodied friend with the same experience secured a graduate job that Jones himself was told he was “underqualified” for.

“It’s disappointing,” Jones said. “Studies have shown people with disabilities do want to contribute, they want to have a job and earn money, but nobody will employ me.”

In Canada, the 2011 employment rate of Canadians aged 25 to 64 with disabilities was 49 per cent, compared with 79 per cent for Canadians without a disability.

Among Canadians with a disability, 12 per cent reported having been refused a job in the previous five years as a result of their condition.

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  • Andre Bordeleau 2017-01-23 7:26:14 AM
    Totally agree and totally true!
    going on 7 years as an Amputee and soon to be 5 years without a job,cannot practice my chosen career that gave me success,accolades and joy.
    I am now on welfare (cannot get disability since Government does not recognise or want to acknowledge my condition), i am now poor, had a heart attack due to stress,had to move to an affordable shit hole to surviveand add depressed with no social life, cannot get assistance to retrain despite political BS promises. you could probably bump up the percentage to your studies.
    had a handful of interviews that all said nice and complimentary things that led nowhere. discrimination is rampant,outright shameful.
    like many after a long career I wanted to share my wealth of knowledge and give back but only find that hatred is filling my heart,suicide or the hope of an early death will. I truly hate this self centered profit orientated society that is so full of hypocrisy. Politician are first on this line.
    sympathy to those afflicted and strong warning to so called able bodies...
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