Designing an HRIS to support globalization

Designing an HRIS to support globalization

Designing an HRIS to support globalization

Leveraging global technology

A global HR team that provides a corporate skills framework will allow the business to utilize the skills of employees in multiple locations that understand your product and business when needed.

This provides opportunities for both the business and its workforce: allowing employees to share their skills and knowledge with counterparts in other countries may introduce greater efficiencies.

Furthermore, employee resources can be shared when one location is experiencing quiet times and another is busy.

To facilitate this level of cross-border collaboration, deployment of HR information needs to be fast, easy and seamless across a variety of platforms. The HRIS technology that you choose plays an important role in building your virtual HR office.

Important functionality to aim for includes:
  • internet and intranet capability
  • user-friendly interface suitable for:
    • strategic HR and executive teams
    • operational HR and payroll
    • employee and manager self-service
    • dashboard analytics
  • mobile technology
  • continuous improvement
“Mobile technology can enable any mobile workforce with adequate talent management tools to know exactly where your employees are at any given time,” Brooks said.

“In-built GPS maps and business knowledge to ensure employees are in the right place at the right time ensure work commitments can be met and management are kept informed.”
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