Data and analytics touted at top HR trend for 2016

Data and analytics touted at top HR trend for 2016

Data and analytics touted at top HR trend for 2016 Data and analytics has been touted at the top HR trend of year by a leading industry figure who says professionals who fail to utilize such tools will soon lose their credibility.

“HR analytics and reporting will continue to grow in importance, said Randstad Canada’s SVP of HR.

“It’s about collecting the right data for the business and reporting back trends and topics that the business should be focussed on,” she continued.

Tull also said that data analytics and reporting can help HR secure their seat at the table and ensure they’re seen as a strategic business partner.

“Really making a push to have more strategic discussions from an HR perspective, not just theoretical – what’s the ROI? What is it that I do that will impact the business? – they’re the questions HR need to be asking and answering,” she told HRM.

“For instance if you look at things from the recruitment standpoint, one of the key things that we look at is our time to fill ratio so; when did I get this open requisition, how long did it take me to fill that role so that this individual can become productive?

“It’s about those types of analytics and it’s about bringing it back to business relevance,” she stressed.

If HR fails to use data and analytics in an effective way, they may risk losing their seat at the table, warns Tull.

“If HR leaders let that slip, we’re not going to be invited to the table anymore,” she said.

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    HR can never place less emphasis on data and its analysis in the workplace. The workplace decisions are made on hard-facts, based on accurate data to implement quality workplace and people friendly policies.
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