“Dare to care,” urges top CEO

“Dare to care,” urges top CEO

“Dare to care,” urges top CEO
  • Does your work environment set the tone for well-being in a caring way, or do you need to make a cultural shift to support this?
  • Are you working with caring experts that understand health and wellness, as well as the numbers and financial tools?
  • Do you own your program such that you know where every dollar goes and can make changes any time to address specific needs and keep costs low, or do you rely on a broker to tell you what’s best?
  • Does your wellness program tie directly to claims data, so you can measure results and lower costs?
  • Does your wellness program address all aspects of life that may cause stress and affect health, or is it limited to physical activity?
Very few people awake each morning wanting to feel bad, and when disease arises employees become more aware than ever of their need for support. Organizations that are finding success know this intuitively and have employees within an environment of care. When folks feel respected and heard, asked instead of told and invited into an evolving place of well-being, the tone shifts to one of involved healing. In this place costs may go down while engagement naturally rises.
People are not commodities or consumers of health care dollars; people are complex living beings with feelings, hearts and minds. Employers can chose to consciously build a foundation of well-being that supports all aspects of life, or they can chose to ignore certain aspects that may contribute to imbalance in this foundation. Employers who embrace this concept and who dare to care are taking the first steps toward wellness success for all.

About the author

As the founder and visionary behind Sophus Health, Arnie Freiman’s extensive background as an educator, financial planner, insurance broker, spiritual guide, community builder and innovator in healthcare delivery, has provided him with a unique perspective on the integration of health, wellness and lifestyle in the workplace.
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