CHRP designation gains credibility

CHRP designation gains credibility

CHRP designation gains credibility

It can be hard to sell execs on the value of HR to executives who are stuck in the past, and think HR is the domain of managing ‘personnel’. However, the national Certified Human Resources Professional designation can help HR pros stand out and gain credibility according to a recent survey.

More than 1,000 respondents said the designation is more credible, valued and recognized than it was five years ago.

“Creating credible, valued and recognized designations has been, and continues to be, a core aspect of the strategies of professional HR associations across Canada,” Claude Balthazard, HRPA’s VP Regulatory Affairs said.

However, while many HR professionals consider the CHRP to be highly desirable, the survey shows more needs to be done to educate employers and the public about the credibility and value of the designation.

According to the survey, conducted by Canadian HR Reporter in partnership with the Human Resources Professionals Association, about seven in 10 (69%) of HR professionals would say the CHRP designation is either “quite” or “highly desirable,” compared to 57.6% of those who hire or engage HR professionals and 20.2% of the public.

Most respondents indicated there was a gap between where the profession is at and where it needs to be in regards to the credibility, value and recognition of the CHRP; and almost 60% thought improving the credibility of the designation should be either top priority (18.4%) or one of the most important priorities (41.%).

Do you have your CHRP designation? Why or why not?

  • Val 2013-03-21 12:09:50 PM
    I do not have a University degree and the CHRP designation requires one now. I took the Personnel Administration Certificate Program from the University of Alberta many years ago and that was recognized then in addition to several years of directly related experience. So, unless I want to attend a university for the next 4 years I will never be able to attain that designation.
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  • Kent DeWolfe 2013-03-21 12:09:57 PM
    Having my CHRP for the past 3 years has not helped me in my career at all. The cost to maintain the designation is also prohibitive so for me with no credible results that it assists you in getting throught the door at the very least, then I probably won't maintain my credentials when it expires.
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  • Jo 2013-03-21 2:20:56 PM
    I worked very hard to obtain my CHRP, which was also a costly endeavor. The annual fees are very high and I am finding that most employers do not even know what it is. There needs to be much more marketing to educate employers on the value of this designation.
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