Canadian company sparks international outrage

Canadian company sparks international outrage

Canadian company sparks international outrage One Canadian company’s seemingly innocuous job ad has sparked international outrage after LinkedIn users spotted a highly offensive and hugely outdated note about preferred applicants.

Toronto-based Vestra Inet took to LinkedIn in search of a content writer and SEO specialist but the standard job description was followed by a rather shocking suggestion.

After outlining job duties and the required skill set, the web design business added the following:

“Please note that the Position required filling in the responsibilities of a receptionist, so female candidates are preferred.”

As any savvy HR professional knows, the Human Rights Act of 1985 prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender, among other things – failure to comply can result in serious consequences.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter users who stumbled across the ad were quick to share their disdain, including one former employee who spoke candidly about the company.

Another user illustrated how the slip-up could go on to cost the company a number of potential customers.

News outlets around the world also picked up on the HR faux-pas with major names in the UK and America reporting on the story.

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  • Buck Thornton 2015-11-24 1:36:53 PM
    Look at the ratio of men to women in HR. Very few men if any.

    The HR profession is a "discrimination factory" in itself. I have feared as an a male employee in them myself and kept my mouth shut in fear of reprisal.
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  • Jorge Bauer 2015-11-24 4:47:39 PM
    Completely agree with the comment on HR men/women ration but we don't see much headlines about that!
    Very likely some women will say get over it! but the same would go hysterical when they read articles about men dominant roles like Engineering and Science saying it is discriminatory!
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  • Jenn Doe 2015-11-30 12:13:23 PM
    Hello Buck,

    I am unsure of where you work but my experience has been that certain fields in HR have the highest concentration of men. Those being Labour Relations, Compensation, Senior Manager, Director positions etc. They also tend to be the highest paying jobs. Coincidence?
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