Canada’s top ranking good news for employers

Canada’s top ranking good news for employers

Canada’s top ranking good news for employers A recent report from the Reputation Institute has identified Canada as the best country in which to live, work, visit or study and thanks to the top rating HR professionals will have the chance to tap into an even wider pool of top talent.

Canada has long been the chosen destination of elite professionals looking for a new home and the majority of workplaces will have welcomed an international employee at some point. Now, the Reputation Institute’s report is suggesting the international love affair with our diverse and inclusive nation is showing no signs of slowing down and employers will be blessed with the very best pool of talent to choose from.

The reputation institute operates in 30 countries and is known as the world’s leading reputation management consultancy. The 2014 report collated the online answers from 26,000 consumers in the G8 countries and focused on the 55 countries around the world with the highest GDP.  

A beautiful and enjoyable country, friendly and welcoming people, contributions to global culture and safe environment were key drivers in the rankings.

Canada was also awarded the No. 2 spot for best overall reputation in the world, after three consecutive years holding the top spot. Trust, esteem, admiration, quality of life, safety and attention to the environment were all major factors in determining the spot.

Greg Klassen, CEO of the Canadian Tourism Commisson said; “Canada's leadership in such areas as natural resources, life sciences and aerospace technologies helps make us an important destination for international meetings and conferences.”

Hosting a wide array of esteemed meetings and conferences showcases our country to the business elite and it seems more and more are attracted by what Canada has to offer.