Automate for success: recruiting and onboarding

Automate for success: recruiting and onboarding

Automate for success: recruiting and onboarding

Recruiting has come a long way from newspaper listings and every year new developments shake up the hiring world. Incorporating new technology could help your organization find and keep the best candidates.

Simplify process

“You used to hear a lot about self-service and how it alleviated admin tasks from HR. The real scale and benefit is when you can extend into the business and in the case of recruiting reach the hiring manager,” according to ADP Canada vice president of marketing David McIninch. By making it simple for the hiring manager to put together a job description, source it through an approval queue and post it on job boards or LinkedIn groups, HR can take a hands-off approach allowing them to add value to the process, rather than having to manage it.

Candidate assessment

What if instead of going through a pile of resumes and interviewing the top 10, you could just read the top resumes and interview the best candidates? “Starbucks has been able to do a lot of recruiting in Asia through Facebook. When someone applies through Facebook, it is serviced through the Silk Road Open Hire product,” Silk Road chief marketing officer Ed Vesely said. “That’s enabled the company to accurately do a pre-qualification on applicants, and increased the number of candidates passing interviews by 57% because they’re getting better “hot matches” through the automation.”


Silk Road’s system allows an organization to automate its onboarding process so employees are linked to colleagues and intranet resources immediately, often even before their first day. The automation allowed eBay to reduce administrative costs by about 20%, Vesely added.

“The goal is to reduce a lot of onboarding steps and processes, and reduce the number of days it would take someone to become productive in their job,” he said.

Align to business

Ideally, every new recruiting decision would be analysed against a business’ needs and goals, but that’s rare when the process is manual. Programs that allow a company to collect and organize data open up a world of analysis to organizations, according to Ceridian Dayforce strategy consulting manager James Arsenault.

“With greater visibility into your workforce, you’re able to start making better decisions about how to align your recruiting efforts with your skill set needs, making sure you’re providing approvals for the right requisitions,” he said.

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