Around the world in 80 jobs

Around the world in 80 jobs

Around the world in 80 jobs

With the weak global economy and lack of job prospects for young people, a scheme has been launched to select eight youths to work and travel the world this summer.

Globally, almost 300 million of youths aged 15-24 are unemployed or inactive and the Eurozone youth unemployment rate again hit a record high of 24%.

In an effort to make a change, HR solutions provider Adecco has launched a scheme titled Around the World in 80 Jobs, designed to show that life experiences and job experiences go hand in hand. After a selection process, Adecco will give eight young people the opportunity to travel and work in 10 different jobs each. Their journeys and experiences for each day and each job will be shared via social media.

The scheme is part of Adecco’s Way to Work programme, where over 10,000 Adecco staff in 50 countries took to the streets on April 30, visiting almost 300 education institutions to offer career advice, guidance and free training workshops.


  • turner 2013-05-17 6:58:57 AM
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