Adidas shares 5-year HR plan

Adidas shares 5-year HR plan

Adidas shares 5-year HR plan

2. Role models who inspire us

Adidas brands work with key assets – similarly, the company finds internal role models that personify, live and breathe the culture.

3. Bring forward fresh and diverse perspectives

Adidas believes in the power of diverse teams, and sees diversity as a key to innovation. The Adidas consumer base is diverse, and so the employee base must also be diverse in order to provide a better focus on that consumer.

4. Creative climate to make a difference

The Adidas leadership knows that an attractive work environment is important in order for people to develop themselves personally and professionally. That’s why the company is constantly striving to create a work environment that stimulates innovation, collaboration and engagement.

“With ‘My Arena’, the workplace of the future of the Adidas Group, we make sure that we provide creators with a creative climate to inspire them and motivate them to make a difference,” said Tate.

“This new workplace concept is one that provides maximum flexibility, activity-based working, mobility, choice, personalisation, and spaces where creative energy can flow.”
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