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  • Top five ways to create a disability-friendly workplace

    How best to provide for employees with disabilities? According to an ongoing study by the Job Accommodation Network, a service of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy, accommodations not only provide positive impacts to the workplace, but are also surprisingly low cost. Direct benefits include employee retention, increased productivity, cost containment around employee training and an increased attendance rates.

  • Should the minimum wage be increased?

    You might be surprised by the corporate players answering ‘yes’ to that question and what those answers could mean for HR.

  • Canadian business owners report heightened confidence

    Are happy days here again? They may well be on the way, according to the semi-annual BMO Small Business Confidence Report released this week. The BMO Financial Group report, which produces an index score measuring the level of confidence small business owners have in the economy as well as in their business prospects, is based on several key indicators. These include growth expectations, economic outlook, performance predictions and investment plans.

  • How to connect your team to the bigger picture

    To create a strong, dynamic and productive team culture, you need to connect your employees to something bigger than themselves.

  • Top workplaces for arthritis sufferers named

    It’s a list too few employers are able to make. Where is your organization at in terms of accommodating this increasingly widespread disease?

  • Foreign workforce growth down in Singapore

    The competition for top-tier workers that Asia presents to Canadian corporation may be fading, according to one regional leader.

  • Major companies reveal the solution to succession planning woes

    An astounding number of executive leaders are set to retire this decade, and without a plan to replace them, many organizations will cease to exist. But what can HR can do to prevent it?

  • Pension Board invests in cancer treatment

    The CPPIB says it has poured millions into a major integrated network of cancer treatment centres.

  • Experts share elusive tips for recruiting invaluable Gen X-ers

    Gen X workers are hard-working, experienced, and technologically savvy, and your organization needs their expertise. Here is how to get them.

  • Ontario Labor Relations Board upholds employee dismissal

    Did London, Ontario-based automobile seat and door component manufacturer Brose Canada breach a previous safety-reprisal settlement with a former employee? According to the Ontario Labour Relations Board, it did not.