7 stress resilience questions to ask yourself

7 stress resilience questions to ask yourself

7 stress resilience questions to ask yourself

Will I be dealing with this problem a year from now?

“When adversity strikes, its tempting to assume that the challenge will be around forever, because that’s what it seems like in the moment,” wrote Davis-Laack.

Asking yourself how long the problem will stick around, helps evaluate the root causes, giving some perspective.
Do I know anyone who has been through this who can help?

It’s no secret that support networks are fundamental during stressful periods, Davis-Laack calls it the ‘cornerstone’ of resilience.
“If you can identify someone who has ‘been there done that,’ it can be a source of comfort and confidence,” Davis-Laack wrote.

What aspects of this adversity can I directly control, influence or leverage?

Don’t try to change things that are outside of your control.

“Resilient people focus their time and energy on aspects of a problem that they can directly control, influence or leverage,” Davis-Laack wrote.

What positive emotions can I leverage?

“Positive emotions directly build your resilience,” wrote Davis Laack.

In fact, positive emotions can help your decision making and increase your creativity.

While stress is a part of life, reframing your thinking can help build up stress resilience.
Do you have any tips to improve your stress resilience? Share your advice below.
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