2015's HR stories from around the world

2015's HR stories from around the world



Employee mob attacks top HR leader 

Two senior Air France executives were forced to flee as angry workers ripped the shirts from their backs.

Trump’s top execs fired for corruption 

Directors of a luxury condominium development - Central America’s largest building – accused executives of gross mismanagement. 


Major corp. admits slavery and coercion

A global audit initiated by the food giant found abuse of impoverished migrant workers in Thailand.

“It’s none of your f*****g business!” unwitting workers tell CEO

Chinese employees failed to recognize their top boss, who also just happens to be the world’s 10th largest employer.


Company gives six-figure Christmas bonus to every employee

A total of 1,381 Texas-based workers were rewarded for their efforts in a philanthropic move that cost the company $138 million.

Major hotel chain reacts to misogynistic Facebook posts 

Australia’s largest apartment developer swiftly sacked a supervisor who was outed as an online bully.

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2015's HR stories from around the world 

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