2015's HR stories from around the world

2015's HR stories from around the world

2015 From a shocking ISIS-style video to corruption allegations at Trump towers – the second half of 2015 seemed just as tumultuous as the first.


IKEA makes historic living wage offer

IKEA found itself presented in a more positive light later in the year, when it became the first national retailer to offer all UK employees the recognized living wage.

HSBC employees sacked after staging mock ISIS execution

The bank apologized after six members of its Birmingham branch recorded an abhorrent ISIS-style video while on a team building exercise.


US shooter was told by HR to seek psychological help 

Internal messages revealed that the gunman who killed his former colleagues had been ‘aggressive’ at work.

Amazon CEO responds to ‘dystopian workplace’ allegations

The chief executive of the global retailer responded to claims of ‘shockingly callous management practices’ in a memo to employees.


Sexist LinkedIn comment sparks fierce debate 

The professional networking site found itself the centre of a workplace-sexism storm after one UK user publicly shamed another. 

Major airline makes “shockingly sexist” move 

Employers came under fire after 130 Air India flight attendants were grounded – for being overweight.



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