2015's HR stories from around the world

2015's HR stories from around the world



Is IKEA wrong to promote anti-gay magician? 

The furniture giant’s Singapore operation caused controversy when it announced it would continue to promote a show by an outspoken magician, publicly opposed to homosexuality.

CEO raises minimum wage to $70,000 – by slashing own salary

Seattle-based CEO Dan Price earned international praise when he took a 98 per cent pay cut in order to boost every other employee’s wages.


AT&T president sacked for sharing racist meme

One of America’s largest telecommunications companies was hit with a US$100 million law suit after a high powered exec shared racist material on his work phone.

Undercover agents target prejudiced hiring practices

One US government agency revealed a controversial new way its officials would be enforcing employment law.


Amtrak employees claimed to work 40-hour days

One U.S. audit revealed evidence of widespread and shocking overtime abuse – or time travel.

How does Canada’s minimum wage compare?

A report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development revealed how Canada’s minimum wage compares to other developed countries – and it doesn’t look good.

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