These workers feel most undervalued by their employers

These workers feel most undervalued by their employers

These workers feel most undervalued by their employers

Over 28% of European employees feel as if their organization does not value their work-life balance, according to a report from Targus.

The report, which quizzed workers in seven different countries throughout Europe, found that just 12% of British workers have flexible working hours. Comparatively, one in three Spanish staff appear to be leading the way in remote working, with 28% of their bosses supporting the function.

“The working world is changing. Today, employees across all sectors expect a more flexible and fulfilling working experience – with the onus no longer placed on Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm working model,” Lisa O’Keeffe, head of engagement, Targus, added. “Yet workplaces don’t seem to be set up for this change, with cultures seemingly not built for the flexibility employees now value.”

French and UK-based employees said they felt a lack of support from their companies, whilst 13% said they felt as if their work-life balance was not appreciated ‘at all’ by their employer. Furthermore, this lack of respect for staff wellbeing meant that employees to complain that they ‘don’t have time’ to exercise – something which will only have a negative effect on physical and mental health.

“As employees across all ages and generations become more health-conscious and aware, active lifestyles are playing a more important role in our daily lives,” added O’Keeffe. “Yet, there is clearly more work for organizations to do to encourage this healthier, more flexible way of life. However, it will certainly play a key role for their business.

“If leaders want to attract and maintain a pool of talented employees, it is important they regularly evaluate their workspaces to ensure they’re fit for today’s changing workstyles.”

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