Council CFO sued over company credit card use

Council CFO sued over company credit card use

Council CFO sued over company credit card use A former employee of the District of Sechelt in BC faces a lawsuit for racking up thousands of dollars in personal spending to his corporate credit card.

Victor Mema, now chief financial officer of City of Nanaimo, allegedly used his work credit card for flights and accommodations, car insurance, cellphone charges, banking charges and cash advances, according to a notice of claim filed by Sechelt.

He denied the allegations but refused to disclose details, telling the Times Colonist he “can’t get into he-said-she-said until I am served.”
However, he said he plans to file a countersuit against the District of Sechelt for breach of contract and alluded to discrimination and racism because he is a person of colour.

Mema was employed by Sechelt from April 8, 2013 until his resignation on August 28, 2015. Upon his resignation, the district found $36, 212 in unapproved charges, local media reported.

To date, Mema has paid back $4,381 for two flights and a travel expense but the district said it is seeking to recoup $9,749 in expenses that Mema either admitted were personal expenses or which the district has determined as such.

These included purchases from Home Depot, Canadian Tire and Edmonton Jaguar.

One of Mema’s current colleagues in Nanaimo, however, said he provides strong leadership as their CFO, and that through financial policies and reporting practices he has brought greater transparency and accountability to the town.

Tracy Samra, Nanaimo’s chief administrative officer, said the city was aware of the dispute between Mema and the District of Sechelt when he was hired in 2015.
“I respect the former city manager’s decision to hire him on merits and credentials,” Samra said.

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