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HRM CA | 03 Dec 2013, 12:02 AM Agree 0
The proportion of women in senior positions has stalled in the last 10 years. What can you do to change the pattern in your workforce?
  • S.E. | 05 Dec 2013, 08:39 AM Agree 0
    Why would I go into a role at the upper levels and take on the workload of two people to prove myself because I am female and get 20% less pay than man beside me at the same pay. The old boy network lives and I am not interested in the in the politics of it all, the one leg up attitude, the golf game, the scotch nights with the senior boys, the culture is not condusive to inclusion just the opposit. Count me out.
  • Terri Eide | 26 Mar 2014, 03:30 PM Agree 0
    Although it certainly was alive and well in the in the past, the "old boys network" is increasingly frowned upon in both my organization and the industry in which I work. Additionally, over half of the new hires at senior management levels are now women. Perhaps because they chose to challenge the norm and promote change rather than be counted out.
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