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HRM CA | 20 Jan 2014, 07:39 AM Agree 0
Think you’re the only hiring manager experiencing interviewees arriving late, acting arrogant or checking their phones during an interview? Well, you’re not alone.
  • Margaret | 20 Jan 2014, 06:09 PM Agree 0
    Unfortunately, too many hiring managers and HR representatives fail to: smile, display interest and enthusiasm, act friendly, have a conversation rather than an interrogation, dress professionally, have a genuine and strong handshake, but worst of all, follow up.
  • Carol | 27 Feb 2014, 07:00 PM Agree 0
    Two interviews, two follow up calls, and both times I was advised that I would be contacted if I was hired and a follow up would not be necessary. Made me feel stupid and somewhat rejected.
    There is so much contradicting advice out there, I don't even know which one to follow.
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