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HRM CA | 28 Aug 2015, 08:00 AM Agree 0
A survey has unveiled the 10 skills that Canadian HR managers are seeking in their new employees, and it’s not an expensive education
  • Alex Bell | 28 Aug 2015, 12:02 PM Agree 0
    The article is interesting in that it suggests adding more education to a resume won't help yet in my own survey of over 200 HR professionals, education was rated is the most important section on a resume. This suggests to me that when hiring, people are still using education as a screening tool but soft skills are more important on a successful hire.
  • Chris | 04 Sep 2015, 10:21 AM Agree 0
    Absolutely agree with you Alex Bell! Education is definitely used as a screening tool for interviews; experience will get one through the interview but it's leadership and communication skills that keep you in the job and the company. The difficult part is that these soft skills aren't usually tested or proven until long after the hire has been made.
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