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HRM CA | 16 Oct 2014, 12:14 AM Agree 0
Many people associate fast food employment with low-wage jobs and limited opportunities. Len Jillard, Chief People Officer of McDonald’s Canada, is on a mission to change that
  • Karen Kane | 09 Feb 2016, 03:28 AM Agree 0
    I'm purely offended by the remarks made by the "manager " working midnights 02/08/2016
    Store# 4614
    Sale #51
    93 wyandotte st e
    Windsor Ontario Canada

    Sale #1 lnf 4d4p30

    Drive thru time 10:58 :39pm

    Made to window.....told no chocolate chip cookies were made.
    I had ordered 6. ....I said okay. ..she said double chocolate were available. ....I declined.
    She took it off my Bill.
    I was speaking with a worker.....I paid $22.75
    Getting back $.15 change.

    I waited for my order with my daughter in the van.
    Finally my pop and bag was handed over to me.
    I asked if each specific item was in the bag.
    She answered yes to all.
    I said are you sure even the double toasted grilled cheese sandwiches (2)
    She said yes.
    I thanked her and drove off
    after putting my straw in my pop.

    I eventually get home. I had errands to run.
    I grab the bag. ...and my pop......walked in my house.
    My kids asked for their food.
    I opened
    the bag. son was missing his 2 junior chicken sandwiches with no lettuce.
    I hadn't opened up the bag until then.

    My son was sad.
    He said go back. ...I said no because it was too late and too far.
    I live in Windsor. ....just by Jefferson Rd.
    The mcds is Downtown.
    so I said I would call.
    I checked to make sure they were on my receipt. .....

    They were.
    I called letting it ring more than 20 times.
    I hung up.

    I called 2 more time's. ......then finally an answer.
    "Wyandotte McDonald's "
    I asked if I was speaking with a manager. ...
    she said yes.
    I told her my order
    explaining...the missing Jr chicken
    she then asked someone. .....I heard. ....snackwraps......
    she came back on the phone
    said were wraps in your order?
    I said yes......

    She said yeah well they are in your bag.
    i said no they were not.
    I had told her i just went to give them to my son and they were not.
    she argued" yes they are "
    I said um.......I'm speaking to a manager. ...she said yes.
    I said again they are not.
    She said yeah they are because they are not here.
    I said why are you speaking to me like this?
    (She was extremely rude and demeaning )
    I said that I go to Mcds everyday.
    she said "oh yeah! "
    I said yes.
    she said i have no way of knowing if you didn't get them......"Clarifying if you didn't get them....they would be here."
    i go to mcds everyday.
    I said you are the manager. ....I'm telling you I didn't get them.
    She said " yeah well you are habitual complainer"
    I said what..
    she said you are a habitual complainer you call everyday.
    I said don't speak to me this way......what have I done wrong?
    She said. ....yeah well I will comp. You 2 more free sandwiches.
    I said what is your name?
    She said it is not important. get your sandwiches for free
    I said please may i have your name.
    She said no.
    I said I paid for sandwiches and they were not in the bag.
    I said that I wanted to know her name. .....she said well we are done here!
    I said what?
    She said yeah well you get your free sandwiches. ....

    I said mamme. ....
    then she hug the phone up on me.

    I have never had such a ignorant person that works at mcds......speak to me like I was garbage. I am appalled by her unprofessional approach to this situation. I am not accepting this rude Treatment..........I have loved Mcds. For the last 40 years of my life.
    I'm not important enough to speak to without manners or being belittled from this "Manager"? Nore does she need to be nasty to a customer over the phone?
    What kind of customer service is given by this Manager? TERRIBLE AT BEST!

    I PAID $22.60 for the food and drink order.

    I am furious.
    I am going to continue to find a way to get heard about this situation. .....McDonald's has great staff and management. ......supervisors as well. .....

    This unidentified manager is not a good choice for a customer service worker.
    I am disappointed.
    I'm an educated woman that genuinely takes the time to tell someone that they are doing a great job.....I am patient. .....I help clean the dining area when people are busy. ....restocking and washing down the countertops where people get the condiments....because i can see they are busy.

    Please take the time to contact me.
    Karen Kane
    I await your email.
  • Karen Kane | 09 Feb 2016, 03:30 AM Agree 0
    Very disappointed with store #4614
    Midnight Manager on 02/08/2016

    I have sent a complaint to you.
    I await your email.
  • Karen Kane | 09 Feb 2016, 03:37 AM Agree 0
    Please contact me
    I believe that I was completely disrespected by store #4614 Midnight Manager on 02 /08 /2016
    I was belittled by her lack of professionalism.
    I am appalled.
    Sincerely Karen Kane
    519-915-0802 / or text 226-788-8250
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