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HRM CA | 20 May 2015, 08:30 AM Agree 0
The major sporting event will already be causing some businesses problems, but now Mayor John Tory is calling on employers to make some big changes…
  • Sue Buteau | 20 May 2015, 09:21 AM Agree 0
    Pan-Am games are the perfect opportunity to test a new flexible working plan? With the regular congestion in the Toronto area I really think companies should be looking at alternatives for their employees that live outside the Toronto core, so take this opportunity and use it proactively as a test run.
  • Manuel | 20 May 2015, 01:00 PM Agree 0
    Yes, the politicians are asking us to work from home. This is not a viable option for so many downtown business (eg 8+ hospitals, hotels, retailers/stores, etc.) Even the City of Toronto's 10,000 employees cannot work from home (parks & rec, water purification, road maintenance, daycares, community services, etc.)

    The politicians should have used the 2008 to 2010 period of recession to upgrade our rapid transit system. We ALL knew that then. Instead, they navel-gazed. Check out the systems in the old European cities like Moscow, St. Petersburg, London, etc. whose ability to urban plan is more restrictive than a young growing city like Toronto. Now THAT is public transit.

    I digress. Sorry.

    If we could work from home, wouldn't we be doing that already? Or do some of us enjoy traffic congestion twice per day?
  • Kerri Jean | 16 Jun 2015, 05:41 PM Agree 0
    Flexible hours are a great idea if childcare and summer camps had flexible hours for working parents. Otherwise, this concept does not work for families even if employers permit it. This is a systemic societal issue that is larger than just getting employers and people to agree.
  • Anthony | 02 Jul 2015, 01:44 PM Agree 0
    The PA games are a perfect opportunity to show this city needs better public transit. If the people at city hall would make up their minds and start building subways, eventually things like this wouldn't be a problem.
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