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HRM CA | 17 Feb 2015, 05:56 PM Agree 0
HR consultant Ian Bush is expected to be charged with triple homicide in connection to a previously unsolved case from 2007.
  • Anise Coal | 17 Feb 2015, 10:29 PM Agree 0
    Unfortunately just goes to show there can be bad apples in any profession. My only comment is questioning why this article is a point of note for this forum. His atrocities had nothing to do with his 'profession' or perhaps even his professional abilities. If they are related then I would have liked to see this. Since not then I'm afraid there is no value-added beyond what the broader media is reporting on.
  • Jeannie McQuaid | 18 Feb 2015, 08:38 AM Agree 0
    Why is this in HRM Online? The person in question commited a criminal offense and is linked to a further criminal offense that is TOTALLY UNRELATED to his line of work. Although I admit there are days when my work in HR leaves me feeling a tad homicidal, this is not the case with Ian Bush. I look to HRM online for stories that address the challenges, best practices and realities that drive Human Resources. If he had been a civil engineer, I doubt CE Magazine would be carrying the story.
  • RCM | 18 Feb 2015, 05:16 PM Agree 0
    Perhaps I'm in the minority, but I do believe this story has a place in HRM Online. He was a long-time HR Consultant. I think it's a point of interest in the HR community. The same way domestic violence issues and other crimes are reported in the NFL. Ray Rice committed an offense that has nothing to do with him as a football player, but it's still news in the football world. If I take Hernandez as an example, who is on trial for murder, what you're saying is that his story shouldn't be part of the NFL Network, even though he was a professional football player with the New England Patriots; that it should be limited to CNN because his crime has nothing to do with football. I completely disagree.

    The saying "going Postal" might be replaced with "going HR." Let's think about how that might impact the way people view our profession.
  • Sally Balram | 20 Feb 2015, 10:08 AM Agree 0
    Appears to be a troubled individual. Mental illness does not have a profession.
  • Anne Graham | 22 Feb 2015, 05:27 PM Agree 0
    I agree with previous comments -- no reason to have this highlighted as a leading article in HRM.
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