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HRM CA | 03 May 2013, 12:02 AM Agree 0
In an excerpt from the July 1943 edition of a publication called 'Transportation Magazine', male supervisors received some useful advice about managing women in the workplace.

  • Chris | 03 May 2013, 12:14 PM Agree 0
    Although we snicker at these blatant sexist comments, we're not out of the dark ages yet...

    1. Age-ism survives to this day.
    2. We still undervalue the skills and abilities that at-home parents acquire over the years of managing a household; raising children (supervisor skills); volunteering (collaboration skills)and so on...
    3. Obesity is a health issue more than ever for both women AND men.
    4. Along with obesity, a significant health issue that effects productivity on the job is mental health (not gender specific).
    5. To be an effective leader, vision and direction are critical. Every worker needs to know what is expected of her OR him.
    6. Change management has been recognized as a vital component of success in any organization. It is not gender-specific.
    7. We all like to look good. The fitness industry, cosmetics industry, clothing industry, tourism and recreation all acquire billions of billions of dollars in sales each year. In addition, work/life balance carries strong sentiments in today's organizations.
    8. No one is immune to the negative effects of workplace bullying and harassment. That is why harassment policies had to be created... to protect ALL employees.
    9. Strong language comes from the mind to the mouth. Again, not gender specific. Courtesy in any social environment is a powerful act.
    10. No one works well without proper equipment and safe work environments.
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