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HRM CA | 28 Dec 2015, 06:00 AM Agree 0
As the temperature drops and the big chill kicks in, HRM got the legal low-down on how HR should handle snow-days.
  • Tim Baker | 08 Mar 2016, 04:11 PM Agree 0
    Interesting post and topic, that's for sure.

    Once again, we're stuck in the old ways of aligning work with "time" instead of "results". Work is something we do, and not a place we go (in most cases). I believe that employers have a responsibility to make it possible for people to work from anywhere. Whether you call it a "contingency plan" for weather-related situations, such as snow days. Or perhaps it's just a great culture that realizes that people can still deliver the results for which they were hired, regardless of time frames and physical locations.

    A great example is the snow storm that hit Ottawa pretty hard a couple weeks ago. A news photo showed dozens of people waiting for transit to take them to work. Their commute to work was 2 hours or so, then they were allowed to leave work early due to the weather. What a complete waste of productivity. Had they just stayed home and continued with their work responsibilities, they would have been way more productive and less stressed.

    Finally, an employer "legally" doesn't have to pay someone that can't come into work, due to weather or other urgent situations that come up. That is true. Buy why wouldn't they? It shows the person is valued and shows empathy for the many personal situations that arise. Again, it goes back to the real reason a person is being compensated: results...not time.
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