HRD 5.4
HRD 5.4

HRD Canada reveals the 24 young professionals on this year’s list who have each worked on impressive projects and can demonstrate both quantitative and qualitative results from initiatives they have played a key role in creating and driving

  • HRD 2.5 September 2014
    HRD 2.5 September 2014

    HR's biggest legal risks, re-humanizing HR, Global HR survey results and more.

  • HRD2.4 July 2014
    HRD2.4 July 2014

    Three generations in the workplace, engagement tips from Canada's elite, and the latest on workplace drug and alcohol policy.

  • HRD 2.3 May 2014
    HRD 2.3 May 2014

    In this HRD magazine: CEOs on HR leadership; workplace mental health best practices; how to recruit out of province, and more.

  • HRD 2014 Education Guide
    HRD 2014 Education Guide

    As a supplement to HRD's April issue, the Education Guide explores the variety of programs available and investigates best practices on supporting employee education and post-training retention. A valuable resource to help HR leaders make the most of their training and education budget.

  • HRD2.2

    In the April issue of HRD magazine we bring you the 2014 HR Hot List, insights from Kimberly-Clark's HR overhaul, and leadership lessons from astronaut Chris Hadfield.

  • HRD 2.1
    HRD 2.1

    In the January issue of HR Director magazine hear what some of Canada's top HR execs have to say about restructuring, executive compensation, diversity and more. HRD also investigates migrant labour best practices and hears from the head of HR for one of LinkedIn's fastest growing regions.

  • HRD 1.1
    HRD 1.1

    In the November issue of HR Director magazine learn about hiring and engagement from Richard Branson, find out what HR salary trends are expected in 2014 and read HRD's in-depth report on the nuances of executive education.