HRD 6.04
HRD 6.04

HRDC spotlights 22 up-and-coming professionals who are poised to become the ext great leaders of the HR function

  • HRD 2015 Education Guide
    HRD 2015 Education Guide

    From short courses to MBAs and coaching, corporate learning has never had so many options. HRD takes a look at what you need to know in 2015.

  • HRD 3.2
    HRD 3.2

    Hot List 2015

  • HRD 3.1
    HRD 3.1

    3M's HR Success Story

  • HRD 2.6
    HRD 2.6

    HRD examines Cirque du Soleil's success and how corporations create high-performance work environments.

  • HRD 2.5 September 2014
    HRD 2.5 September 2014

    HR's biggest legal risks, re-humanizing HR, Global HR survey results and more.

  • HRD2.4 July 2014
    HRD2.4 July 2014

    Three generations in the workplace, engagement tips from Canada's elite, and the latest on workplace drug and alcohol policy.

  • HRD 2.3 May 2014
    HRD 2.3 May 2014

    In this HRD magazine: CEOs on HR leadership; workplace mental health best practices; how to recruit out of province, and more.

  • HRD 2014 Education Guide
    HRD 2014 Education Guide

    As a supplement to HRD's April issue, the Education Guide explores the variety of programs available and investigates best practices on supporting employee education and post-training retention. A valuable resource to help HR leaders make the most of their training and education budget.